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Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO)

A borderless, open, transparent organisation that aims to most efficiently achieve a set of purpose-driven goals through the use of independent agents driven by token economic incentive mechanisms.

Reimagining Human Coordination

  • Community co-ownership and empowerment

  • News ways of making decision (democracy 2.0)

  • Radical transparency

  • Tokenomic incentives

  • Predefined immutable agreements

Founded by Mark Pascall in 2020 to provide Web 3 consulting, education and development services to international and New Zealand clients.

Our projects to date include:


  • The Wellbeing Protocol project. 

  • Metacartel Ventures - a US$50m Web 3 Venture Capital investment DAO. Founding partner). 

  • Zbra DAO - a new London based Impact Venture Capital DAO (founding partner)

  • H2ODAO - an impact investment DAO created to address the global water problem

  • (advisor)

  • Created and ran the first University level course on DAOs and teach an MBA course on decentralised organisational design at Victoria University, New Zealand.

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